Cyan Reign » Creates innovative fashion collections for each season

There is nothing quite like a couture dress that is designed and made to fit you and suit your personality.

Made to measure couture

Couture pieces are hand crafted using the finest materials and every piece is unique. They are all born from an undying obsession with creating a piece of living art for the new owner to love and wear with pride.

Cyan believes a true designer can not only draw a beautiful design on a piece of paper but also has the skills to execute it with precision. With a strong nod to traditional practises, a keen eye for the contemporary and edgy combined with a sofistication to acknowledge that a garment should be designed to compliment the customer so they wear the garment not the other way around, Cyan can turn your fantasy into a reality!

Available for women and men, we are able to cater for all special occaision, formal, bridal and everything in between.

To get started on your own design, just contact us.

Georgian Garden Parties dress and skirt

Petal Preacher dress

Petal Preacher Dress

Poppy dress

Sweet Nectar recycled denim corset, leopard print dress,r Eden tulle skirt.

Never Underestimate Eve recycled denim corset, couture floral skirt, Eden tulle skirt.

Forbidden Fruit recycled denim corset, couture silk halter blouse, Eden tulle skirt, Paradise peacock feather skirt.

DJ Mandy Onassis at the ARIAS

Lily in her couture corset, skirt and choker

Flight of Fancy corset

Flight of Fancy corset

Heather Forever bustle dress

Heather Forever bustle dress