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Designer Cyan Reign is a respected corsetier with 10 years experience in waist training, male, female and bridal corsets.

Bespoke Corsets


Cyan Reign has consistently been designing and producing the highest standard, quality steel boned corsets for almost 10 years. Available “off the rack” in standard sizes for instant gratification as well as bespoke/custom made for lovers of corsets after a more personalised fit.

Most corset aficionados want to know that they can trust their corset maker to give them a superior product, that fits like a glove in a way that only experience can deliver. While Cyan no longer waist trains herself, she has in the past reduced her waist down to a mere 18” over a period of 2 years so there is no shortage of experience! During this time, she tried and tested various methods of corset making to come up with a unique method that gives comfort, endurance and the least risk of harm to the body. She has also over the years researched and read information, articles and texts in relation to human anatomy and physiology as well as effects corsets can have on the body.

Because of this experience, Cyan Reign is able to:

  • Advise you on the best corset for your needs, body shape and lifestyle.
  • Offer corsets suitable for waist training and give personalised advice on planning, goals and recommended diet.
  • Offer ongoing support for all waist training customers
  • Outline the Do’s and Don’ts of wearing a corset
  • Talk to you and liaise with your doctor should you have medical concerns or are wanting a corset for medical requirements
  • Offer corsets for all walks of life including men and the trans-gender community
  • Make corsets for the specific needs of dancers and other performers to allow freedom of movement and unrestricted breathing (especially important for singers).

As touched on above, we offer a unique specialised service for people with medical concerns (scoliosis, hernia’s, people who have been in accidents and post pregnancy, etc). We are one of the very, very few businesses that offer this service. While there are always some conditions that we cannont make a corset for, we will happily consult with your doctor to find out if corsetry is suitable for you and work in with whatever requirements your doctor may recommend.  We invite you to talk to us about any issues you may have and we will do our best to help you.

We are incredibly caring and open minded and no matter who you are or how unique your circumstance you will always be treated with respect, understanding and privacy. All clients information is kept confidential and never discussed outside of the workplace. You can be assured that information about yourself, your order or any other details are never shared without permission.

So you’ve decided to get your very own Cyan Reign corset? Send us an enquiry so we can start you on your journey!