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General questions

  • Can I order directly through the website?

    • All orders, both wholesale and retail are welcome through the contact forms on the website or directly to We have an online store planned so you can purchase directly from us with ease but until then just let us know what you’re after and we’ll send you the information on how to pay. However, bespoke couture/made to measure (especially waist-training) corsets in most cases need to be fitted in person.
  • Can I get one of the garments I saw on your website made to measure?

    • In most cases yes, however the fabric that you saw it in may not be available anymore. The best thing to do is send us a message through our contact forms and we’ll be able to let you know if it’s possible.
  • I have this dress that I really want made that I’ve seen in a magazine, the internet, etc, can you make it for me?

    • While we are always happy to design a unique garment to flatter and suit you perfectly, under no circumstances will we copy another designers design. Of course having an idea of what you want in terms of style, colour, fabric, etc is always encouraged and reference images of similar styles will help to give us an idea of what you are after. Cyan believes that a garment should compliment the wearer, not overpower them.
  • How many fittings do I need before I can pick up my made to measure couture or corset?

    • This really depends on the garment and the person. Some garments only need one fitting and others may require a number of fittings to make sure it fits you perfectly.


  • Do you design and make real corsets?

    • Sure do! We are corsetry specialists! All of our corsets except the baby corsets are either flat or spiral steel boned or a combination of the two. They are all made to the highest standards and are extremely hard wearing. All except the baby corsets are able to be laced very firmly however if you are wanting to tight-lace or waist train we suggest you order a corset that is made specifically for this purpose.
    • Real steel boned corsets, especially tight-lacing and waist-training corsets are not appropriate for young bodies. To wear a heavily boned corset of this nature means that your body and movement is restricted. Tight-lacing and waist-training versions are gradually tightened in a manner that not only restricts but also moves internal organs and moulds and shapes the ribcage to attain the sought after figure. Because of this we will not make a steel boned corset for anyone under the age of 16 without written and signed parental permission and under no circumstances will a tight-lacing or waist-training corset be made for anyone under 18.
  • Do you design and make waist-training and tight-lacing corsets?

    • Yes. We are highly experienced at making waist-training corsets. We can give advice about the style/s suitable to your shape and lifestyle, the best way to acheive your goal waist size and the correct diet. Please send us a message through the contact forms to arrange a time for a fitting and consultation.
  • Do you make corsets for people with medical concerns?

    • We make corsets for people with medical concerns on a case by case basis. We have a lot of experience and thoroughly understand the physiology and anatomy of the human body, especially the effects that a corset has. Depending on your condition, we may request that you get clearance from your doctor first or in some circumstances it may be beneficial for us to be able to work with your doctor to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Do you make sleeping corsets?

    • Of course! They are really only for the true enthusiasts and are only recommended if you have a good corsetting plan. Have a chat to us and we’ll help you decide which one is right for you.
  • Do you design and make corsets for men?

    • Absolutely! We make both corsets to make your figure more feminine and traditional mens corset to make you more masculine looking. We are more than happy to accomodate all requirements from demure men’s waist-training corsets to the fantastically flamboyant drag ensembles.
  • What are baby corsets?

    • Baby corsets are the little sister version of the real corsets. They are plastic boned, with no front busk and are only inteneded for light wear. They were initially developed for younger girls who wanted to wear a corset but the real versions weren’t appropriate for yet. Have a look at the answer for “Do you design and make real corsets” for more information on why “real” corsets aren’t appropriate for the younger body.
  • I’ve never worn a corset before and I really need to fit into a dress in a couple weeks, can you make me a corset that will reduce my waist more than 2-4 inches (5-10cm)?

    • No, no and no! Extreme waist reduction is a gradual process that takes a lot of time, planning and commitment. To reduce your waist size too quickly is dangerous. The most we will reduce someones waist size for their first tight-lacing/waist-training corset is 2-4 inches (5-10cm) depending on the person. This may vary slightly depending on the amount of body fat you have.

  • How long will it be before my made to measure corset is ready?

    • Generally we try to keep it to no longer than 6 weeks and can often do them in less time than this. However, we are at times overwhelmed with orders and can take a little longer. We will advise you at the time of ordering if this is the case.
    • If you are needing your corset in a hurry, let us know your requirements and we’ll see what we can do. There is usually a rush rate attached to corsets that are needed in a very short amount of time though. We assure you that if it is longer than the 6 weeks, it will be worth the wait!
  • Why should I pay more for a Cyan Reign corset when I could get one somewhere else really cheap?

    • Quite simply, you are paying for quality and experience. Cyan has previously waist-trained down to an 18″ waist size for a couple years and this is how she perfected her methods of corset making by testing on herself what worked, what didn’t and what didn’t feel right. She also has a thorough understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the human body to ensure that your health and wellbeing is always of the utmost importance. Each made to measure corset is shaped to take the individuals unique shape into account. In other words, she spent the time and risked breaking her own ribs to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you.
    • When wearing a corset your body and movement will be restricted and if you are tight-lacing or waist-training your internal organs will be moved and your ribcage will be moulded and shaped to attain your desired figure. It is not to be taken lightly. Corsetry is body modification whichever way you look at it.
    • Would you go to a piercer who has never been pierced or a tattooist who has never been tattooed just because they are cheap?


  • I’m the buyer for a boutique/shop/department store. Who do contact for your wholesale information?

    • Just send a message through our contact page and someone will sort you out with a Look Book, Wholesale Price Lists and anything else you need.
  • I’d really love to see your collections in my favourite store….

    • Let us know the name and if possible the contact details of the store and we’ll contact them. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting stockists. Of course, don’t be afraid to let them know that you want to see our label in there too, it all helps!