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The Cyan Reign collections are always innovative, unique and sublimely edgy.

Ready to wear collections

Ready To Wear or Pret-a-porter refers to designs that are in a collection and available for retail off the rack. We have had many collections over the years and we’re working on a bunch more!

Please contact us if you would like to know how to lay your hands on any of the pieces or if you are interested in stocking our label. View the current collections below.

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Bad Birdie

Bad Birdie (wants to be a big black crow) is the story of a small bird dreaming of being like the big black crows. Using Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" as inspiration, the Bad Birdie collection continues Cyan Reign's signature aesthetic of whimsical and edgy. Take a step towards the enchanted with dreamy femininity....
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Delusions of Grandeur

Inspired by the image of escapees from a long forgotten mental assylm discovering the psycadelic forest that surrounds them that is full of the unexpected....
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Everybody Loves A French Inquisition

The people of the French Revolution and the Spanish Inquisition were the rebels of their time, this collection is their love child....
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The Eden corset collection is the story of a modern day Eve. Strong, savvy and oozing with style!...
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Hotel Trash - The Love Inn

She's waiting by the window for her lover to meet her at the secret meeting place. Despite the seedy surroundings, she is all class and way out of his league....
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Summer Haze

Organic and carefree, perfect for relaxing in the summer breeze....
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Inspired by a Utopian world with no discrimination and couture and the fanciful reign supreme. Everything is filled with flowers, high tea parties and perfect colour....
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The Silver Lining

Inspired by the silver screen and the old movies and movie stars that graced them....
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