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Award winning designer Cyan Reign is a respected corsetier with a decade of experience in waist training, male, female and bridal corsets.



Our ready to wear corsets are separated into two distinct categories of “real” and “baby” corsets.

All the real Cyan Reign corsets are made with high quality spring and spiral steel boning, two piece eyelets and spring steel busk (if applicable). The linings and interlinings are all natural fibres to allow your skin to breath and where possible we try to incorporate this into the top layer too.

Our baby corsets are much lighter weight and have plastic instead of steel boning. We call them “baby” corsets because they are more suitable to younger people who’s bodies are not ready for a real corset. A lot of older people also use them as a stepping stone before advancing to a real corset. Don’t worry, despite the name we do not make corsets for babies!

We also do made to measure couture corsets for bridal, special occasion and costuming plus we are specialists in making waist training corsets.