Cyan Reign » A respected corsetier experienced in tight-lacing, male, female and bridal corsets

Cyan Reign, The Label


The brainchild of Cyan Reign is a self titled Ready To Wear and Couture label that is transformative and unpredictable. It pushes the boundaries and paves the way with edgy designs for women and men alike. Strength and independence combined with whimsical flair and sharp attention to detail are key traits in the labels aesthetic.

The label has launched many collections over the years, and have been notably featured in many fashion parades and events including Melbourne Fashion Week. The inspirations for collections are many and varied and tend to be delicately balanced on the edge of reality. With themes like insane assylm escapees in a psycadelic forest (Delusions of Grandeur) and the rebellious nature of the people of the French Revolution and the Spanish Inquisition (Everybody Loves a French Inquisition), she has never shied away from controversial themes.

Featured in many magazines, articles and events, the label continues its savvy stride mixing up and cementing itself as a favourite of fashion lovers all over.

The last few years have seen the label gain much recognition from a variety of media and competitions, most notably being featured in Vogue Australia magazine and nominated as a finalist for Australian Fashion Designer of the Year, winning the “Jeans For Genes – Fashion Design Awards” and placing as a finalist in many other awards including the NRA Design awards and the Australian Wool Awards.

Continuing to go from strength to strength, there is much more to come from this daring and innovative label.