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"There is no such thing as can't..."

Cyan Reign, The Designer


Daring and dynamic fashion designer Cyan Reign is anything but ordinary and her chaotic creativity is a driving force behind her unique designs.

Cyan’s beginning ensured she was noticed by being born on Christmas Day. A love of fabric and clothes was instant and pivotal to her fashion future. Her early years were rife with imagination, creating with anything she could get her hands on. Defiantly standing out from the crowd, she would wear what no-one else would with an unshakeable style.

Life experience, a broad knowledge base from study in various fields mixed with her unerring and early belief in equality have gifted Cyan with a unique perspective. Not one for stereotypes she actively goes against the grain and is a rule breaker and shaker.

Chaotically creative she draws inspiration from the world around her, strong personalities and the excitement of something new. This raw energy lends itself to free flowing ideas and boundless concepts.

It has been a solid and gradual process though and success was not handed to her on a platter by any means. She started paving her career in fashion with the use of her grandmothers old sewing machine, a mere $1000 savings and determination to succeed despite all the odds. Self taught at this stage, Cyan began making garments for people and used the profits to self-fund her way through the fashion course at MSIT college and start her first label.

Humble beginnings have not limited Cyan and she was even published in Vogue Australia while still working feverishly from her tiny garage! All the neighbours knew her because she would have the lights on in her makeshift studio until all hours of the night and early morning, sometimes not leaving or stopping for days at a time. It has been this sort of dedication that has seen her achieve such bright success. Despite the many achievements to date, there is still no stopping to take a breath as her self titled label continues to grow. The promise of more to come is definitly on the horizon – Cyan Reign is surely one to watch.