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Whether you need personal styling or styling for a photo shoot, video clip or film... we can do it!

Cyan Reign – Styling


Whether you need personal styling or styling for a photo shoot, video clip or film… we can do it!

Production Styling

Whether you need styling for a photo shoot for a magazine or need continuity to the looks in your film or tvc, we can make sure every last detail is perfect.
We will work with what you are looking for, help with creative direction, source the garments, be on location and keep a keen eye out the whole time to ensure there are no “wardrobe malfunctions”. We have heaps of experience with everything from fashion and portifolio shoots to music video clips and know how important the final image is and because you are also dealing with a design company, we can create anything else that you need no matter how crazy!

Have a look at our Costuming and Avant-garde page for more details on creating specific pieces for your production.

Personal Styling

Personal stylists aren’t only for the stars!

If you are constantly having problems finding something to wear that actually looks and feels right or if you just can’t quite seem to figure out what suits you or need some help develping your own personal style then we can help. We have several different solutions to suit what you need and are more than happy to sit down and talk about what you are after and tailor make a package just for you!

We can also bring all the details of your look together for a special occasion like a wedding, formal or ball. Every bit of your look from the gown and the shoes and accessories to your hair and make up will be taken care of for you.

Services we offer are:

Wardrobe Edit

We will come to your house and go through your wardrobe with you and work with you to find the pieces that are working for you and how to wear them, remove the pieces that are not working for you and make suggestions as to what garments you need to make it work for you. This works really well with a Wardrobe Revamp and a Personal Shopping trip.

Wardrobe Revamp

We go through the pieces that you already have but are not working for you and alter, redesign and change them so that you can put them back into your wardrobe with the added bonus that they are now unique and you won’t see everyone else wearing them! Not all garments are suitable for this and we don’t recommend revamping everything, but we work with what you already have to give you a few “new” and unique pieces that reflect your individuality.

Hair and Makeup

We come along with our personally recommended hair and makeup artists to find the right colours, styles and cuts to flatter you and suit your personality. Our artists can show you how to do the styles yourself and make sure that you are able to recreate it in a limited time so it works in with your lifestyle.

We can also arrange hair and makeup to be done for your wedding, formal, photoshoot or other special occasion.

Personal shopping

With you » We take you shopping to help you find the styles that suit you best and find the pieces that are missing from your wardrobe. We give a completely unbiased opinion so if we say that something looks great then you know it’s not just a sales pitch! This works best with the Wardrobe Edit as it allows us to see what you already have and what you are needing.

We can also take you shopping for a particular item that you are after for a special occasion such as a wedding dress, formal dress, or other special occasion.
Without you » If you are pushed for time or just don’t want the hassle of having to brave the shops then we can go for you! This is perfect for special occasion shopping or even if you are just looking for a whole new seasonal wardrobe for work.

Special Occasion styling

If you have a wedding, formal, ball or other event coming up and you are dreading the stress of having to find something to wear and make it all come together then we can help you. We will come and discuss what the event is, what sort of thing you are after and then source the garments, shoes, accessories and arrange for your hair and makeup to be done.

Total Style Makeover

A total style makeover includes a Wardrobe Edit, Hair and Makeup and Personal Shopping with the optional Wardrobe Revamp.

Custom Made

Because you are dealing with a design company, we can custom make any garment that you may need to fill in a gap in your wardrobe or create a unique piece for your special occasion. Read more about our amazing couture.