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EDEN. Recycled Denim Corset Collection

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Cyan Reign Recycled Denim Corsets, proudly supporting Jeans for Genes

It’s finally here and now officially launched!

With style names like “Forbidden Fruit”, “Never Underestimate Eve” and “Sweet Nectar”, the Eden collection tells the story of a modern day Eve who is a strong, independent, confident woman who isn’t afraid of her femininity.

Eden is a small collection of recycled denim corsets available in three different styles with each style being available in both a heavy weight steel boned version with front busk and a light weight plastic boned baby corset.

15% of the profits will be given back to Jeans for Genes which is the fund raising side of the Childrens Medical Research Institute. The money that they raise goes into funding vital research into the prevention and treatment of childhood genetic desorders. For more information about this fantastic charity head over to the Jeans for Genes and CMRI websites.

Unlike most collections, the Eden mini-collection is not seasonal and will be available for 12 months until July 2009. Manufactured locally in a sweatshop free environment and made from recycled denim, each corset is unique, high quality and environmentally friendly.

Each corset will also come with a very stylish Jeans for Genes pin/brooch and sticker so you can proudly display your support!

The corsets can be ordered directly through our contact forms or stockists. Prices and details can be found in the Eden Collection gallery on the “Collections” page. Due to the corsets being made from recycled denim, colour selection will be random. If you are after a specific colour or want to know what colours we have in stock just send us a quick message and we’ll see what is available.

Jeans for Genes Day is on the 1st August. Show your support by ordering your very own Eden corset today!

You can download a low res version of the Look Book from Here! Let us know if you need a high res or Print version.